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The group works with a broad range of stakeholders to raise the profile of the sector in Scotland, identify barriers to patients accessing appropriate technologies and provide tangible solutions. It also works to demonstrate the value of the breadth of solutions available to domestic and global health systems.

  • Chair - Mark Cook
  • Vice Chairs - Jonathan Williamson, Emblation
  • Data: Working to create a shared Health Data Space to enable a national, integrated approach to data that supports technological, clinical and system innovations, creating health and economic benefits for Scottish citizens and businesses.
  • Innovation landscape: Working to encourage streamlining and creating stronger mechanisms for measuring adoption of technologies with positive guidance. In Scotland the adoption and spread of innovation remains somewhat disjointed between the work undertaken by the Scottish Health Technologies Group and the Health Boards.
  • Internationalisation: Working to showcase and raise the profile of Scottish excellence in healthcare with the global HealthTech community, while continuing to build a growing domestic industry, both through export and inward investment.
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"Scotland is a complex market in its own right and will differ from NHS England on principle alone and is structurally unique. By bringing an industry group to the Scottish table, as a partner in healthcare, both Scotland and the wider life sciences community will benefit."

Mark Cook, Medtronic UKI