About ABHI



The voice of the Diabetes-management industry. Working alongside people with diabetes, clinicians, health systems, and support groups/charities to make available the highest quality, sustainable, technology-based solutions to treat and manage diabetes.

  • Chair - Conn O-Neill, Roche Diabetes Care
  • To build a “Diabetes Action Coalition” of industry partners, clinicians, health systems, and support groups/charities to reduce variation in outcomes/access to technology-based treatment and management solutions.
  • Development, communication and endorsement of relevant industry positions which align with clinical leadership and maximise access to high quality, sustainable technologybased solutions to treat and manage diabetes.
  • Build a strong industry group through ABHI Diabetes to promote technology-based treatment/management options. Establish its authoritative leadership through relevant activities, e.g. submission to NICE reviews, that bring technology-based diabetes management/treatment to the fore.
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