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Sterilisation and Associated Processes Technologies Group


The Sterilisation and Associated Processes Technologies Group (SAPT) Group works to proactively identify and address challenges and opportunities relating to decontamination, reprocessing, and related processes (cleaning, disinfection, packaging, sterilisation) through communication and collaboration with the ABHI Regulatory Groups, senior leadership teams, and relevant external stakeholders. 

When appropriate, the group develops industry positions, recommendations for new processes, and best practices to the benefit of ABHI members, and the wider health technology and healthcare industries, to promote patient safety.

  • Chair - Lena Cordie-Bancroft, BSI

Maintain Awareness of Regulatory Landscape

  • Monitor regulatory trends affecting decontamination and reprocessing to ensure ongoing, effective dialogue with key stakeholders, and to encourage internationally aligned, state of the art practices.
  • Influence regulatory change and discussion by acting as subject matter expert(s).

Contribute to Standards Content Related to Decontamination and Reprocessing

  • Provide a forum to discuss, interpret, and comment on key issues and communicate feedback to standards committees.

Promote and Influence Best Practices

  • Share industry knowledge, support science-based best practices, and provide clear guidance to industry by organising workshops, seminars and published guidelines on key issues relating to decontamination and reprocessing.

Collaborate with Internal and External Stakeholders

  • Work with other ABHI committees, external stakeholders and organisations to address common challenges and opportunities. 

Support the UK as a Leader in HealthTech and Patient Safety

  • Proactively monitor, identify, discuss, and take action if needed, on emerging topics relevant to the objectives of the group.
Useful Resources  
  • Click here to view the latest updates, minutes and future meeting dates for the group.

Get Involved 

To join the ABHI SAPT group, contact phil.brown@abhi.org.uk 

“The ABHI SAPT Group is continuing to expand on the work done previously by the Sterilization and Microbiology Working Group, with a key aim of challenging established practices to promote and influence patient safety through positive change in the decontamination industry.”
Lena Cordie-Bancroft, BSI & Chair, ABHI SAPT