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Patient Safety

The group works to establish the HealthTech industry as a trusted partner for improving patient safety by reducing “never events” and providing key inputs to stakeholders implementing the Patient Safety Strategy. The group works closely with the infection prevention community to ensure that the potential of technology is maximised.

  • Chair - Greg Quinn, BD
  • Vice Chair - Stefanie Russell, Stryker
  • Identified “never events” to address as an industry group.
  • Developed a patient safety paper which focussed on five key areas of concern in patient safety.
  • Industry engaging with Key Stakeholders in the patient safety arena.
  • Raising the profile of the current and future impact of HealthTech on key UK patient safety issues.
  • To foster collaborations between industry and relevant stakeholders.
  • To prioritise areas of the Patient Safety Strategy where industry can offer most traction.
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“BD highly values ABHI member facilitation of the Patient Safety agenda. Group profile with external stakeholders is clearly enhanced by the Association’s brand. This includes existing networks and new stakeholders through an efficient process and wide-ranging broad policy focus. ABHI expertise in forming effective patient and NHS coalitions has been critical to ensure that the group aligns and delivers best outcomes for all. This has seen all members work together to contribute the best value.”
Greg Quinn, Director, Public Policy & Advocacy UKI, BD