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Respiratory & Anaesthetics


The Respiratory & Anaesthetics Group works to support the development of innovative pathways in respiratory care and progress the use of technology to improve outcomes in anaesthetics and critical care. We will collaborate with stakeholders to help deliver the objectives of the NHS Long Term Plan with particular focus on:

  • Policy formation: payment mechanisms, pathway development, clinical guidelines and standards.
  • Procurement, both capital and consumables.
  • The role of health technology in prevention, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Chair: Gus Sagoo, ResMed
  • Vice Chair: Nicki Dill, Barema
  • Sustainability. Work with ABHI Sustainability group to provide input and activity related to specific anaesthesiology issues.
  • Payment Research. Innovation and priorities for service transformation to tackle Long COVID.
  • Lung Health. Engage with key stakeholders to ensure industry input is incorporated in the development of integrated respiratory care, rehabilitation and care at a local level.
  • Engagement. Establish systematic engagement with the NHS across all nations, royal colleges and professional bodies, and relevant patient organisations.

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