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The group brings together a broad range of stakeholders across Government, NHS, academia, research and industry to enable the vision of an early and holistic diagnosis healthcare model. It is the expert industry group, connecting-up different diagnosis sectors within the industry with external specialists and leaders. The group provides knowledge and leadership to progress the early diagnosis model and build high levels of diagnosis capacity and capability in the UK. ABHI Diagnostics also focuses on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). With infections getting harder to treat, tackling AMR requires a holistic approach, from education and awareness, through to the application of diagnostics tools to identify pathogens that inform the appropriate therapies, as well as management of complications such as sepsis.

  • Chair - Bruce Caldwell, BD
  • Partnered with NHS England/Improvement to publish a vision for early diagnosis in the UK with ministerial support.
  • Provided industry leadership to support rollout of NHS Test and Trace.
  • Ensure the value of diagnostic information is central to early disease detection. 
  • Lead the industry in developing and implementing strategies to boost diagnostic capabilities in the UK.
  • Expand genomic, and other precise diagnostic, testing to inform personalised treatment strategies.
  • Develop value and access routes for clinical deployment of AI/digital diagnostics.  
  • Grow ABHI’s diagnostics community.
Useful Resources  
  • Click here to view the latest updates, minutes and future meeting dates for the group.
  • Diagnostics: A Future Roadmap. In June 2020, the Health Technology Partnership was tasked to consider recommendations for a strategy which will deliver a "resilient scalable and holistic diagnostics capability" for our country. The attached document represents our thinking on that government request, pulled together with broad input from the ABHI Diagnostics Group.
  • Report: Diagnostics: Prevention, Detection & Treatment

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“Diagnostics has been catapulted into the public eye during the last 18 months, showing both the incredible impact we make on healthcare, but also the challenges and legacy of underinvestment that exist. This new-found public presence presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to build the value, investment and infrastructure for diagnostics in the UK. We hope that this group will form a strong singular voice across all areas of our industry to shape national strategy, policy and implementation, to help build a world leading diagnostics sector.”
Pierre Hazelwood, Roche