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The Group works with a broad range of Government, NHS and healthcare stakeholders to raise the profile of diagnostic technologies, whilst also identifying and overcoming the barriers to their uptake. Through demonstrating their value, both to the patient, and the wider health system, the Group advocates for a broad investment programme.

  • Chair - David Moore, Pentax 
  • Vice Chair - David Dawson, BD
  • Developed and delivered a highly commended member report, Diagnostics: Prevention, Detection and Treatment: HealthTech’s role in delivering the NHS Long Term Plan’.
  • Developed a position paper on the Managed Service Contracts for Pathology Services, KPIs and Service Credits.
  • Built a coalition of member companies committed to raising the profile of the capability of the Diagnostics sector of the HealthTech industry.
  • Establish and launch Diagnostics Alliance.
    • Seek commitment from Alliance.members to develop holistic NHS diagnostics strategy.
    • Partner with the Alliance to scope and identify the critical success factors of the strategy. Build action plans to achieve.
  • Build broad consensus for our position paper across pathology services.
  • Ensure the ABHI Diagnostics Group is seen as the critical and credible diagnostics partner, representing industry views in a broader stakeholder environment.
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Diagnostics: A Future Roadmap. In June 2020, the Health Technology Partnership was tasked to consider recommendations for a strategy which will deliver a "resilient scalable and holistic diagnostics capability" for our country. The attached document represents our thinking on that government request, pulled together with broad input from the ABHI Diagnostics Group.

The UK's Diagnostics Industry (IVD and analytical equipment)
  • £2.74bn Turnover
  • 13,949 Staff
  • 447 Companies

Source: Bioscience and health technology database: annual report 2017


“Diagnostics are key to achieving the aims set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the work of the ABHI Diagnostics Group is designed to enable this. Through the development of a holistic diagnostic strategy, that supports improved adoption, the Group is working to showcase the enormous benefits such technologies deliver.”
David Moore, Managing Director, Pentax & Diagnostics Group Chair