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Robotic Assisted Surgery


The group will develop programmes and networks to further the adoption of surgical robotic systems and the development of Robotic Assisted Surgery as a technique. It will engage with the clinical community, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders who have a strong interest in the sector. It will be the expert ABHI group, informing external audiences on the benefits of Robotic Assisted Surgery and will proactively engage with stakeholders to develop and implement national programmes that will shape the future adoption and growth of robotic assisted surgery across the UK.

  • Chair - Chris Gray, CMR Surgical
  • Vice Chair - Daniel Jones, Stryker 
  • Successful group launch with commitment from key opinion leaders to partner with the group and progress robotic-assisted surgery in the UK.
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders to define a national programme for England with policies around:
    • Evidence generation, which will enable the efficient assessment of the clinical and economic value of RAS.
    • Development of training and education for NHS staff.
    • Commissioning and deployment of RAS.
  • Build relationships with organisations actively involved in shaping the future of robotic assisted surgery, ensuring the group is recognised as a trusted partner that engages and contributes to the development of new policies.
  • Highlight the understanding, value and benefit of RAS to Payors, policy makers and providers in order to ensure equity of access and increase patient access in this area.
  • Raise the profile of this industry sector, and robotic assisted surgery in general, through events and other public engagements.
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“There are significant benefits to be had in using robotic assisted surgery methods, with less time for patients spent in hospital and quicker recovery times, which in turn supports a more efficient healthcare system. Of course, adoption of such technologies requires training, long-term investment and an appreciation of the value they bring. This is where the ABHI Group comes in, bringing together companies, the clinical community and all those involved in shaping the future of surgery, so that collectively, we can work together to improve outcomes for patients."

Nick Margree, Stryker UK