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The Public Affairs group is ABHI’s main forum for developing and communicating its public affairs strategy. It aims to raise the profile of the benefits and impacts of HealthTech across Parliament and Government, while providing members with the latest insights on legislative change.

  • Chair - Dan Jones, Stryker
  • Vice Chairs - Carolyn Heaney, C2-Ai
  • ABHI continues to increase HealthTech representation and input across formal government engagement platforms culminating in a Life Sciences Vision where HealthTech is a crucial component.
  • Securing multiple references in the Life Sciences vision related to ABHI’s Chief Innovation Officer campaign, including having innovation and research as a core expectation across the NHS, alongside commitment to building metrics that can be used to monitor improvements.
  • To ensure strong impact follows the increased representation of the HealthTech sector in all formal government engagements (Life Sciences Council, Health Technology Partnership, Business Environment Board, Life Sciences Implementation Board and the Innovation Research and Data Group).
  • Work to support the commitments within the Life Sciences Vision that ensures the delivery of innovation is both resourced and accountable across the NHS.
  • To inform ABHI’s position and activity on key issues in Parliament, particularly where there is a relevant legislative programme.
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“The Public Affairs group gives me a single point of contact to keep updated on the legislative developments in the UK, during a time when there are many changes through the divergence in UK legislation from that of the EU.”
Nigel Talboys, Terumo