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Val Hospital Medicals

Val Hospital Medicals are in the early stages of commercialising a proprietary healthcare concept which centers on the development of a fully equipped mobile modular hospital capable of rapid deployment in a variety of demanding environments: in mass casualty incidents following earthquake or disease outbreak for instance, in disaster relief zones and for situations where a sophisticated hospital infrastructure needs to be rapidly deployed (current target assembly time = 72 hours from arrival on site).

Cities across the globe are responding to the climate emergency by committing to move to a net-zero economy. Population growth and demand for space means that the size of medical facilities should not only reflect the changing times but should also be at pace with efforts to reduce energy consumption. Above all, these flat pack designs have the look and feel of a world class medical facility.

Val Hospital Medicals is anticipating key trends and changes to accelerate in the next decade, making it imperative for small size neighbourhood hospital facilities that are sustainable and green to trend. To this end they are seeking collaboration to fast track the development of their Rapid Deployable Hospitals (RDH) for emergency and steady state scenarios. The facilities are flexible and can be assembled in circa 72 hours and dismantled for relocation as health needs in the target area recede. Although the concept is a neat solution for emergency healthcare, it also has the potential for filling the healthcare gap in hard-to-reach communities, and in smart city development.

Val Hospital medicals is also exploring the practicalities of making the solution more sustainable for cities, and how to adapt and decarbonise the facilities while making it more resilient, without compromising on the product’s unique look and feel, best-in-class and state of the art mobile medical infrastructure. They are also offering medical packs and equipment is soon to be available on their website.