What We Do

Innovation and Investment

Our work is designed to help translate the ambitious goals outlined in the Life Sciences Vision into reality. This vision charts a course for an exceptional HealthTech business environment - one that fosters entrepreneurship, rewards innovation, and facilitates access to cutting-edge healthcare solutions for all. We believe that by working hard towards this vision, we can elevate the United Kingdom as a global hub for HealthTech excellence.

We continue to work hard to ensure the implementation of HealthTech priorities within the Life Sciences Vision, whilst securing support for 'The Plan for HealthTech – ABHI’s manifesto' from political parties across the spectrum. 

Our commitment is steadfast in shaping influential proposals that promise to amplify HealthTech investment in forthcoming spending reviews. 

This work is supplemented by our ongoing campaigns and an extensive network of national and international partners who all share an ambition to see the HealthTech industry thrive.