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The HealthTech industry is not alone in working towards becoming ever more sustainable. The NHS has set out an ambitious Net Zero plan and it is imperative that HealthTech companies engage with it. Although there will be many challenges along this journey, the industry is committed to meeting these targets, and ABHI is committed to helping industry with it.

Sustainability is not just for the dedicated Sustainability Lead in your organisation; meeting these targets, amongst other laws and requirements set both nationally and internationally, will require companies to work together to create the best outcomes for people, planet and patients.

In 2022, we became the first Trade Association to become Corporate Partners with Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), the professional body for those working in the environment and sustainability.

We have also published our Sustainability Framework for Action, and added a Sustainability Lead to our team within ABHI. We are committed to this cause both for ourselves and our members.

In 2024, we published HealthTech and Sustainability: The Opportunities and Challenges for the Sector. This paper details the challenges that industry is facing and makes a number of recommendations for the health system, government and MHRA to implement, to support the HealthTech industry in making a positive change and reducing its environmental impact. 

We encourage you to join our Sustainability Group, read our Sustainability Framework for Action, and use the other resources available to you on this page to aid you and your organisation.


ABHI's partnership with the Institute for Environmental Management Assessment.

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