What We Do

SageTech Medical

SageTech Medical was founded in South Devon in 2015 by a team of scientists and engineers with a goal to reduce the impact of environmentally harmful waste volatile anaesthetic agents.

The manufacture of virgin anaesthetic agents and their release as potent greenhouse gases is highly damaging to the environment and contributes significantly to the carbon footprint of healthcare. By offering a safe, sustainable and easy to use solution for the capture and recycling of these waste volatile agents, SageTech Medical are providing hospitals and clinics with a straightforward solution to make a real difference to our planet.

The circular economy solution safely captures waste volatile anaesthetic agents onto two reusable capture canisters (‘SID-Cans’) which are housed inside a capture machine (‘SID-Dock’) that integrates simply, seamlessly and universally into existing anaesthetic equipment. The captured agents are then recovered and recycled, ready for future reuse.

The SageTech Medical team