What We Do

Coloplast UK & NHS South Sefton CCG, NHS Southport and Formby CCG Stoma Prescription Service

The Stoma prescription service pilot was run to assess the impact on improving the quality of patient care and optimising stoma related prescribing, whilst moving the prescribing of stoma products away from general practice.

Key areas of service development included the coproduction of patient pathways, agreed with local specialist stoma nurses in the hospital and community services, robust prescription management processes, including all patients being offered choice in relation to who dispensed their prescription and  the enablement and use of electronic prescriptions via Electronic Prescription service (EPS) along with the use of a clinical system aligned with the GP clinical systems.

Improvement in quality of care, access to specialist advice and prescribing costs were all improved during the pilot. A patient survey also confirmed that access to the service reduced the need for GP and hospital appointments.

L-R: Claire Smith (Coloplast), Eleanor Charsley (ABHI) & Hannah Gagen (Coloplast).