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Johnson & Johnson MedTech & Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Johnson & Johnson MedTech worked alongside Morecambe Bay Hospitals Trust to deliver a quality improvement initiative that focused on Hip and Knee replacement surgery. The initiative looked to reduce length of stay in this patient group through a series of education and awareness sessions for patients and staff to promote aligned expectations. This went in parallel with improvements in processes to increase the medical readiness of patients to allow them to be discharged earlier.

The outputs of the project were an increase in patients discharged within two days to nearly 50% from a baseline of 6% and a reduction in Length of Stay from 3.7 to 2.8 days on average. The results from the project are now being replicated in the acute site at Furness General Hospital and a day case project is scheduled to start in January ’23 on the back of the sustained improvements in the original site.

Amy Peters, Johnson & Johnson MedTech & Eleanor Charsley, ABHI