What We Do

Essential Parent's Digital Library & eDelivery System

Essential Parent (EP) supports health and mental health teams, and increases efficiencies in workflows by providing a digital library and eDelivery system (web-based or app) which provides content timelines – for example - matching mandated Midwifery and Health Visiting appointments. 

The digital library covers content from 0-19 years and is tailored to each client’s requirements - uploading local leaflets - as well as EP's generic library of 600+ articles & videos, created in partnership with their list of medical and mental health experts. These include UNICEF UK BFI, NSPCC, RCOG and many more. 

The impact of the EP system has been evaluated by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) in 2022 showing an ROI of £3.99: 1, and a saving of around £68k per GM local council per year. 

EP is currently used by eight councils in Greater Manchester, the Whittington NHS Trust and The Portland Hospital. EP is simple to replicate and can be rolled out anywhere across the UK via family hubs, hospitals or local authorities. 

Content is provided in 30 languages so far. It is approved by the NHS/ORCHA, and is on the Government NHS procurement platform, G Cloud 13. 


Co-Founders, Dr Rebecca Chicot and Diana Hill