What We Do


During the pandemic, many hospitals faced shortages of essential equipment due to supply chain disruption. Belfast-based TriMedika worked hard to limit interruption to supply and successfully delivered all orders for TriTemp, the hospital grade thermometer now used in over 21 countries. 

TriMedika is committed to redefining care; by using the latest technology to manufacture the most accurate devices for hospitals and improving vital patient care and safeguarding patients and healthcare professionals. Current plans are to scale the business through diversification into connected devices and market launch in the US in 2024. 

The TRITEMP™ never touches the patient, which means it completely eliminates the need for plastic consumables, reducing the risk of contamination, enabling huge cost savings and delivering environmental benefits for hospitals.  

They have a comprehensive training module set up for all users including webinars, YouTube tutorials, fact sheets, dedicated landing pages and live chats. They embrace solutions that work and that meet the rapidly changing demands in healthcare and strive to unlock the full potential of staff and specialists so they can do what they do best - look after people.  

Members of the TriMedika team.