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Canon Medical

Increasing the capacity of community healthcare to drive down waiting times and power up the time to treatment is gaining momentum. The growing success of the NHS’ Community Diagnostic Centre strategy is well publicised, giving patients access to planned diagnostic care nearer to home without needing to attend traditional, acute hospital locations. This is helping to shorten waiting lists, reduce the risk of cancellations when urgent hospital cases take priority and ultimately get patients into treatment pathways sooner.

Independent and industry providers are also ramping-up with solutions to support UK healthcare challenges. One such solution is the Medical Diagnostic Centre, at the Canon Medical Arena, on Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park in Sheffield, which is due to open in the autumn of 2023. Built by Canon Medical Systems UK and installed with state-of-the-art imaging modality equipment, it will be operated by The LivingCare Group, a regulated and proven provider of quality healthcare. Established for 20 years, LivingCare has been delivering locally-led and patient-centric healthcare in Leeds and is expanding its services into Sheffield.