What We Do

NHS Collaboration

Collaboration between the health service and industry, and the utilisation of HealthTech, will be critical to ensuring the long-term success of the NHS. Partnership between industry and the NHS was writ large in the Life Sciences Vision and we maintain that the defining factor for the Vision’s success will be the extent to which the ambition for the NHS to be an innovation partner is delivered. As such, we continue to actively foster robust connections with the NHS, offering members meaningful engagement opportunities.

In 2023, we entered into a partnership agreement with the Shelford Group, who represent 10 of the largest UK hospitals. Together, we are embarking on a series of joint projects to improve patient experience.

We have also been deeply involved in the NHS-led Innovation Landscape Review, spearheaded by Roland Sinker. ABHI’s Peter Ellingworth has the privilege of leading one its key workstreams within this programme, which is noteworthy for being the first of its kind initiated directly by the NHS. Our goal is to cultivate a more welcoming environment for HealthTech innovations, and we are committed to making this work a success.