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Sustainability Framework

This framework provides guidance for ABHI members across the HealthTech industry to break down the complex subject of sustainability into relevant and actionable steps. This framework may be used by individual HealthTech organisations to action sustainability improvements within their own business, to minimise their environmental and social impact, future-proof their businesses and respond to the increasing emphasis for the HealthTech sector to support the sustainability agenda. It may also be used by external bodies to understand the sustainability landscape within the sector.

It focuses on specific sustainability topics identified as most important to ABHI membership. It provides key background information and guidance on each topic, as well as methods and tools for implementation where relevant. The framework proposes a series of time dependent actions under each topic, set out as either ‘must do’ or ‘should do’ to help members prioritise their next steps.

This report includes:

  • The framework of suggested actions for ABHI members set across a timeline.
  • Consolidated research outcomes on sustainability themes that underpin and influence the HealthTech industry in the UK.
  • Insight into ABHI members, specifically, their environmental maturity, drivers and requirements.
  • Key guidance and tools to support the suggested actions covering the following topics:
    • NHS supplier environmental requirements.
    • Consistency across Healthcare Systems across the UK and further afield.
    • Sustainability strategy development.
    • Circularity principles in HealthTech.

Please note, the framework is exclusive to ABHI members. It is not intended for distribution beyond your company.

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