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HealthTech and Sustainability: The Opportunities and Challenges for the Sector

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Climate change is having devastating effects all over the world, negatively impacting not only the planet we live on but our health as a population. The contribution of healthcare to climate change cannot be ignored, and it is the task of all those working in the sector to lessen our environmental impact.

The NHS has committed to becoming net zero by 2045 for all the emissions it can influence, which includes its suppliers, and therefore HealthTech companies. The industry is supportive of the move to net zero, but there are many challenges to overcome in order to achieve this. Whether through NHS requirements, wider government policy or device regulation, a new approach needs to be taken by the ecosystem to encourage suppliers to move away from business as usual.

This paper details the challenges that industry is facing and makes a number of recommendations for the health system, government and MHRA to implement, to support the HealthTech industry in making a positive change and reducing its environmental impact.

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