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VacSax now has the largest and most comprehensive product range available in the disposable suction market. The latest product to be added to our portfolio is the VacSax BactiClear® Antimicrobial Disposable Suction Liner system which has been proven to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, including MRSA and E.coli

Vanguard provides flexible clinical infrastructure and staff, operating a fleet of mobile clinical facilities and providing modular solutions

Vanguard Medical Remanufacturing - Europe's leading medical remanufacturer

ViCentra is the manufacturer of the Kaleido insulin pump. We believe that if products are simple, look beautiful and deliver superb results, they'll be more enjoyable to use and more likely to help people achieve great things.

Viomedex specialises in the design and supply of disposable healthcare products, working in partnership with customers and suppliers to provide innovative solutions to resolve patient problems in the respiratory care market. Viomedex has 40 years' experience in clean-room manufacturing and packing of sterile and non-sterile medical consumables and the Viomedex brand is synonymous with quality,…

Pupiloscope® is patented Neuro-Critical care device enabling Accurate Real-time Quantitative Pupillary Monitoring and Assessment of patients with Neuro-trauma and life-threatening head injuries. ViVO Smart Medical Devices Ltd are approved to IS013485 and based in the Nottingham Science and Technology Park. The business operational capabilities include: Medical Device Product Design, CAD/CAM, elec…

A company offering products in four areas; respiratory diagnostics, ventilation, airway management and operative care consumables