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At Fannin, we provide the medical devices, medicines and diagnostic products that help healthcare professionals and patients across the Island of Ireland and the UK manage illness and restore health.

Fieldfisher specialise in providing commercial solutions for a range of industries and sectors and have a particular focus on companies that are highly regulated, and those with intellectual property and technology driven business models.

Active Implantable Medical Devices Finetech Medical is a specialist manufacturer of implanted functional neuro-stimulators.

F&J Agile Healtcare solutions is a unique strategic partnership with a focus on the MedTech sector. We provide our clients with tailored solutions through our deep understanding of the market

Flexicare is a leading UK manufacturer of medical devices. Backed by over 35 years experience in design and development, supported by a modern manufacturing facility. Flexicare has built a world class reputation for the supply of medical devices. Based in South Wales within a purpose-built plant covering 48,000sq feet, incorporating clean rooms, state of the art manufacturing equipment and wa…

Peezy midstream urine specimen collection system. Forte Medical focuses on accurate specimen collection, an overlooked area of medicine. We make medical devices that deliver right first-time specimens for accurate analysis, diagnosis and treatment. Our systems promote clinical integrity, hygiene, dignity and far better patient experience.

FSi exists to support highly regulated organisations in delivering high-impact, socially beneficial, real-world innovation. We provide the bridge between the technical, market, regulatory, and innovation practitioner worlds, facilitating great technologies in becoming great innovations. From concept to adoption we support organisations - large, small, and partnerships - in taking a holistic a…