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Manufacturer and supplier of single use instruments

EBR Systems have developed a unique wireless pacing system that stimulates the heart without a pacing lead. Our initial application will be focused on CRT patients classified as failed or non-responders.

Ecolab strive to be the global experts in delivering cleaner, safer, healthier environments for healthcare providers, manufacturers and ultimately patients by providing infection prevention solutions that make our customers more successful.

Specialist in spine implants for trauma, scoliosis and orthopaedic issues. Biologics for trauma, orthopaedics and oncology, Neuro and ENT monitoring. Pain management

Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring. Driven by a passion to help patients, the company collaborates with the world’s leading clinicians and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.

Emblation is a global leader in medical microwave technology, with a focus on radical innovation in the treatment of HPV infections, dermatology, cardiology, and oncology.

Endomag solves staging and treatment challenges through the application of advanced magnetic sensing and nanotechology, Endomag's first approved products are the Sentimag® and Sienna+®, CE-approved for marketing and sales in Europe, and TGA-approved for Australasia. Sienna+® is a magnetic tracer injected into the body and the Sentimag® is used to track its presence, locating lymph nodes as pa…

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises across the world. We have offices in 32 locations across the globe, including London and Manchester from where we support Irish companies looking to grow their exports into the U.K. We have a team dedicated to supporting Irish owned businesses, with specialists in key sector areas…

Entia's mission is to make life threatening conditions easier to live with by facilitating their treatment and management in the home

Established in 1830, Eschmann’s expertise and superior quality equipment is trusted by medical professionals worldwide. Focused on bringing innovations to the healthcare industry, Eschmann work closely with industry professionals at the leading edge of technology. Eschmann design, manufacture, supply and service a range of marketing leading benchtop autoclaves, washer disinfectors and surgical suc…

Vision - To eliminate accidental retention of swab or sponges during childbirth and surgery. We manufacture and sell a patented, cost effective device to eliminate accidental retention. This has been developed by frontline NHS clinicians and device design engineers alongwith support from business advisors.

Eventum Orthopaedics was founded in 2020 and is based in West Yorkshire. It specialises in the development of innovative orthopaedic devices and is expecting to bring its first product to market in 2022.

Excellentcare Medical Ltd is a UK company based in London. We provide our own brand medical and surgical products (Emedical), such as breathing equipment, anaesthetic instruments and other medical related components.

Exmoor Innovations is a newly formed company, focusing on medical devices for use in anaesthesia, of which Epidrum is the first. This product has been under development for five years.

Exmoor designs, develops, manufactures and markets, under its own brand, products for use in ear, nose and throat surgery including middle ear implants, aural ventilation tubes, single-use suction instrumentation, nasal splints and dental protection. . In recent years, diversification has resulted in new and innovative medical devices including: Epidrum, a unique and novel device to aid the id…