ABHI Membership

Types of Membership & How to Join

Organisations become members. From there, all employees are able to access ABHI's resources and benefits. Our member organisations come from across the industry, so we have designed our membership packages to meet their different needs.
We offer five membership categories
Corporate Membership

For manufacturers, distributors and organisations who provide HealthTech products and services, encompassing medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, robotics and data enabled technologies. The subscription fee is based on turnover from UK operations.

Professional Associate Membership

For members of other professions or professional bodies who fall outside of the corporate membership eligibility. This includes organisations involved in services such as law, finance, communications, consultancies and insurance, as well as pre-manufacture products, like plastics or electronics.

Industry Association Membership

For industry associations in the healthcare industry and related fields.

International Corporate Membership 

For companies with an ambition to trade in the UK, but who have not registered a UK office.

International Professional Associate Membership

For professional service organisations based outside of the UK

Next steps

For more information, and to request a membership pack, contact angela.jeffery@abhi.org.uk.