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Surgical Holdings is a UK specialised manufacturer and repairer of high quality surgical instruments in all specialised areas. Surgical Holdings also custom make surgical instruments and manufacture Din Baskets; we only use suitably selected highest quality traceable steels. We work in partnership with our customers, offering personal exceptional service, to ensure that instrument quality, need…

P3 manufactures a range of medical and surgical products in two UK factories, based in Bristol and Preston. P3 manufactured products are distributed throughout the world and include single-use devices for Anaesthesia and a comprehensive range of Sterile Equipment Drapes and Covers, together with a number of Essential Surgical Accessories.

Pal International is a medium sized company and a market leader in disinfectant & cleaning wipes, hygiene work wear and chefs' headwear for the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare markets worldwide. Through commitment to quality and a focus on innovation and partnership, the Pal brand has established itself as a name that can be trusted which has ensured our success over 40 years.

World leaders in the manufacture of medical filters for patient protection; the Pall range of Leucocyte Removal Filters for blood and platelets, the Pall Blood Transfusion Filter, Pall Breathing System Filters for use in anaesthesia and intensive care, Pall Intravenous Filters, a range of filters for use in cardiac surgery and end line water filters. Trade Names: Posidyne, Stat Prime, Purecel…

A 200 year old leader in development, marketing and sales of wound care products, continence management and other associated products.

Penlon is a long established medical device company, based near Oxford, in the UK. Our five key areas of business are: Anaesthesia; Laryngoscopes; Suction and Oxygen Therapy; OEM and Technical service. We have a presence in over 90 countries, spanning Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Pentax (UK) Ltd offers a range of flexible endscopes, video and fibre optic, to meet the needs of clinicians for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. Sales, service and support of flexible endoscopes and associated products to the medical profession.

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is a major global pharmaceutical company whose products include several medical device and combination products, including the ThermaCare heatwrap for relief of pain in muscles and joints.

Following the work of Dr Shaheen Hamdy, using brain imaging techniques to study the brain's role in swallowing , we are developing a new class of device for stimulating the brain to improve swallowing function. Improving Swallowing Function Through a series of clinical studies Dr Shaheen Hamdy has been developing the first evidence-based treatment for acute dysphagia. The treatment is designe…

As a global leader in health care, we are guided by the understanding that there is a patient at the centre of everything we do. By pioneering new solutions that improve care around the world, we are dedicated to creating the ideal experience for all patients, young and old.

PHYSIOLAB® specialises in human performance equipment. Its machines deliver clinically effective compression and contrast therapies including cryotherapy (cooling) and thermotherapy (warming). PHYSIOLAB® provides an intuitive clinical toolkit to support physiotherapists, surgeons and clinicians. This includes accelerating soft tissue repair following injury, trauma or surgery, preventing inju…

PlaqueTec is pioneering the development of a biomarker-based approach to transform the understanding of coronary artery disease (CAD), the leading cause of death worldwide.

A highly motivated experienced medical device distributor leading the way to introducing new technologies.

PolyPhotonix is pioneering the early adoption of organic light. Working with designers and key customers, it is creating new products and supporting the design process right through to manufacture based at the National Printable Electronics Centre

Prime Pharmacare is an international import-export wholesaler in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors based in the UK, established in 2011. We provide high quality certified unlicenced, branded and generic pharmaceutical products, herbals, vitamins, health supplements, medical devices, dermo cosmetic Veterinary Products, Controlled Drugs and Narcotics (Sch II -V), Keep cool medicines to our c…

Prospitalia h-trak (formerly Healthlogistics) provides integrated procedure information that enables NHS hospital trusts to achieve cost savings and process efficiencies. Using barcoding and mobile data capture technologies, the h-trak system accurately identifies products used in surgical and interventional procedures, to provide a rich source of procedure information. Finance, Clinical and…

The Pulmonx solution, comprised of the Chartis Pulmonary Assessment System and the Zephyr® Endobronchial Valve, offers minimally invasive treatment for patients with severe emphysema. The technology identifies appropriate candidates for the therapy and provides a treatment option to significantly improve the lives of patients.