ABHI & CPI: The Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme

The Regulatory Roadmap

The Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme is funded by Innovate UK and jointly delivered by ABHI and CPI. It provides support to SMEs that produce and develop products in HealthTech to access regulatory related advice, with grant funding of up to £30,000 already being offered to successful applicants.

As part of the programme we worked with CPI to develop a series of webinars, designed to introduce the important topics and milestones of regulatory compliance. Whilst not intending to be the answer all your technical questions, the webinars will enable you to focus your efforts in the areas that are important to you and your company. 

When developing products, every manufacturer, large or small, is at a different stage along the same quality, safety and performance journey. These webinars are designed to enable you to understand the requirements of each milestone, to better inform you when either seeking consulting advice or even when setting up your own regulatory department.

Industry experts, in conversation with ABHI’s Phil Brown, Director of Regulation and Compliance, will guide you through the individual topics. The webinars are in an on-demand format, to allow you to browse and listen at your leisure depending on your stage and level of understanding.

Explore the webinars via the links below.

We have also held a live Q&A session for companies, which provided the opportunity to ask any questions that may have arisen from watching the on-demand webinars. A recording is also available below.