ABHI Membership

Additional Places Now Available to Join the ABHI US Accelerator Class of 2024

We are excited to announce the availability of additional spots for the 2024 cohort of the ABHI US Accelerator programme.

This annual initiative offers companies an unparalleled opportunity to leverage ABHI's extensive network of hospital, clinical, and supply chain executives throughout the United States. Participants will benefit from a comprehensive mission programme to key US states, supported by an outstanding group of mentors.

As part of this programme, we provide tailor-made support to each company, identifying and addressing specific needs. This approach enables us to support companies at various stages, from start-ups to more established enterprises. Our secretariat works closely with each member to establish milestones and objectives that foster growth, assisting early-stage ventures in navigating the FDA approval process, conducting market research, and establishing trial sites, as well as aiding more mature SMEs with existing US sales. 

The attached document provides an example programme from a previous trade mission, and this brochure includes further details and testimonials from past participants, such as Richard Jones, President and Chief Strategy Officer at C2-Ai, who describes the ABHI US Accelerator as “the most cost-effective marketing investment we have ever made”.

If you would like to take advantage of the programme, please do get in touch with me.