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Autologous Blood Devices - Post-operative
Autotransfusion Systems
Bi-Polar Cables
Bi-Polar Electrodes
Bi-Polar Forceps
Bi-Polar Machines
Bi-Polar Scissors
Blades, Knives, Scalpels
Bone Mills
Broken Nail Extractor Systems
Cameras - Single Chip and Triple Chip
Capsule Endoscopy
Cardio Thoracic Surgical Instruments
Cardiovascular Surgical Instruments
CCD Medical Cameras
Chiropody Equipment/Supplies
Chiropody Instruments
Cryogenic Devices
Cryosurgery Devices
Customised/Sterile Procedure Packs/Trays
Dialysis Equipment
Diamond Knives
Diathermy Equipment
Drainage Devices
Electrosurgical Generators
Electrosurgical Instruments and Accessories
Electrosurgical Light Sources & Accessories
Endoscope Light Sources & Accessories
Endoscope Washer Disinfectors
Endoscopes and Accessories
Enteral Feeding Devices
Fibre Light Rod Lens Telescopes
Fibre Optic Cables
Fibre Optic Light Guides
Fibre Optic Light Sources
Fibre Optics Equipment
Foot Surgery Instruments
General Surgery Instruments
General Surgery Retractor Systems
Hand Surgery Instruments
Hernia Repair Systems and Devices
Hip Revision Instrumentation
Instrument Trays
Insufflation Devices
Intestinal Instruments
Laparascopic Procedure Kits
Laparoscopic Mocellators
Laparoscopic Surgery Instruments
Laryngectomy Products & Accessories
Loupes for Surgery
Magnification Systems for Surgery & Dentistry
Medical/Surgical/Cosmetic Lasers
Microsurgery Instruments
Microwave Ablation Equipment
Microwave Hyperthermia Equipment
Minimally Invasive Surgery Equipment
Mono-Polar Cables
Mono-Polar Electrodes
Mono-Polar Forceps
Needle Holders
Neurosurgery Instruments
Operating Instruments - Specialist
Operating/Protective Spectacles
Orthopaedic Instruments
Pathology Equipment
Plastic Surgery Instruments
Podiatric Surgery Instruments
Podiatry/Podology Supplies
Power Drills & Saws
Precision Surgical Drills
Reusable Instruments
Scavenging Devices
Shoulder Surgery Instruments
Smoke Evacuation Kits
Staples, Staplers & Extractors
Suction Equipment & Systems
Surgical Appliances
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Lasers
Surgical Robots
Surgical Staplers - reusable
Thermal Endometrial Ablation Equipment
Thoracic Instruments
Tracheostomy Products & Accessories
Tracheostomy Tubes/Tracheal Tubes
Vacuum Pumps
Vacuum Systems
Veterinary Devices
Veterinary Surgery Equipment