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Biopsy Needles
Blood Collection Sets
Blood Gas Syringes
Bougies (Single-Use)
Burs - Single Use
Catheter Mounts
Catheterisation Sets - Disposable
Catheters - Angiography
Catheters - Multi Lumen
Catheters - PTA Balloon
Catheters - PTCA Balloon
Catheters - various
Chemotherapy Accessories
Chest Drainage Disposables
Clothing - Disposable
Colostomy Supplies
Colostomy/Ileostomy Bags
Contraceptive Devices
Contraceptive Implants
Dialysis/Fistula Needles
Disposable Covers (Textiles)
Disposable Nappies
Disposable Urinals
Disposables - Laboratory
Disposables - Medical/Surgical
Drainage/Incontinence Bags
Ear Plugs - Foam
Ear Plugs - Pressure Regulating
Ear Plugs - Silicone, Anti-Microbial
Electrodes - all types
Endourological Products
Faecal Incontinence Management
Gloves - Examination
Gloves - Latex
Gloves - Non-Latex
Gloves - Powderfree Latex
Gloves - Powderfree Non-Latex
Gloves - Surgical
Hypodermic Needles - all uses
Incontinence Aids
Incontinence Garments & Products
Instruments - Disposable
Insufflator Gas Filters
Lancets - Automatic
Laparascopic Surgery Instruments - Single Use
Laparoscopic Products - Disposable
Minimally Invasive Surgery Equipment - Single Use
Mono-Polar Electrodes - Single Use
Needle Holder Inserts
Needles - Retractable
Ophthalmic Procedure Packs
Ostomy Bags
Ostomy Care Products
Patient Plates for Diathermy
Personal Lubrication
Plastic and Oral Instruments
Pre Term Intubation Products
Proctoscopes - Disposable
Saw Blades - Single Use
Sharps Protection Products
Single Use Camera Sleeves
Single Use Devices
Skin Closure Products
Skin Electrodes
Spatulae - all types
Specimen Bags
Specimen Mailing Containers
Sterile Baby Teat Units
Sterile Fluids
Sterile Lubricating Gel
Sterile Packaging Materials
Sterile Water Syringes
Stoma Care and Accessories
Suction Liners
Surgical Adhesives
Surgical Drapes
Surgical Instruments - Single Use
Surgical Needles
Surgical Plaster
Surgical Skin Markers
Surgical Staplers - Single Use
Surgical Sundries
Surgical Tapes
Surgical Tubing - Silicone
Surgical Tubing
Suture Needles
Suture Packs
Suture Removal Packs
Sutures - Absorbable
Sutures - all procedures
Sutures - Non-absorbable
Sutures - Surgical
Sutures - Synthetic
Syringe Cartridges
Syringe Needles
Syringes - all uses
Syringes - Oral Use Only
Theatre Procedure Packs
Thermometers - Disposable
Tissue Retrieval Systems
Tourniquet Equipment & Accessories
Tracheostomy Masks - Disposable
Urine Collection Devices
Veress Needles