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Antimicrobial Coating
Ceramic Casings for Cochlear Implants
Cleanrooms & Cleanroom Equipment
Contract Textiles
Contract/Sub-Contract Manufacture
Desiccant Protection
Electronic Assembly
Foot Switches
Hermetic Seals
Injection Moulding, electronic components & housings
Injection Moulding, Medical Components
Injection Moulding, Plastic Components - bespoke
Injection Moulding, Plastic Components
Laser Cutting
Marker bands
Mechanical Assembly
Medical Device Assembly
Medical Labelling
Medical Packaging and Labelling
Metal Machining/Finishing
Nitinol tube, wire, sheet
OEM Manufacture
Packaging and/or Packaging Services
Paint Spraying
Precious Metal wires, electrodes
Pre-Owned & Refurbished Medical Equipment
PVC Manufacture
Quadrupoles for Mass Spectrometry
Raw Materials - Metal Bars
Sensors, Position
Sensors, Pressure
Sensors, Temperature
Silicone Moulding
Silicone Tubing Manufacture
Spare Parts Manufacture
Switch Manufacture
Syringe Plunger Tips
Tubes & Tubing
Valves, chemically inert
Valves, micro
Valves, miniature
Valves, proportional
Valves, switching
Ventilators, Components
X-Ray Equipment Components