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ABHI Advances UK Vision for Diagnostics

In June the Health Technology Partnership, co-chaired jointly by Lord Bethell and ABHI Chair, Phil Kennedy, was tasked to consider a strategy to invest in “resilient, scalable and holistic” diagnostics capability for our country.  Our subsequent 'diagnostics roadmap', which captured broad industry input, was submitted to government and its proposals well received. Over the summer, we worked with the Office for Life Sciences and NHS England/Improvement to align our recommendations to an emerging policy centred on moving to an earlier, more complete diagnosis model across the UK.

Yesterday we held a positive meeting with Lord Bethell, Lord O'Shaughnessy and Professor Sir John Bell to discuss how we can make that shift. Industry welcomed both the vision and government’s commitment to realise this ambition.
We now look forward to working with all parties to further develop key themes, with a focus on partnership, and the facilitation of earlier diagnosis, built on the lessons from COVID-19. I look forward to sharing more detail as this work develops.