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Why the NHS is still struggling to make the most of new innovations

On 13th December we welcomed attendees to the ABHI Conference on the Accelerated Access Review (AAR). The conference focused on the implementation of AAR and delegates heard from relevant national organisations as to how they will deliver against the report's recommendations. 

Whilst the Government has largely accepted the review's recommendations, crucial issues are yet to be addressed. With this in mind, I am pleased to welcome the ABHI commissioned Nuffield Trust report on the practical steps needed to facilitate the adoption of technology in the NHS

The report publishes a series of key reflections, notably:

That evidence needs to be generated and applied differently
The way that evidence is perceived varies. There needs to be a willingness to look at different types of evidence and an understanding of how to interpret evidence that hasn’t come from Randomised Controlled Trials. 

It’s unclear whose job it is
A barrier to innovation uptake is the issue around the responsibility of ownership. Until innovation is actively built into job descriptions, it’s unlikely to become business as usual.

The system gets in the way
Whilst cultural factors are undoubtedly important, barriers imposed by the system are equally challenging. Clinicians are hard-pressed for time, success is measured on short term savings and the tariff does not keep up with new innovations. Long-term transformational projects, funded accordingly, are where real efficiency opportunities are to be found. 

As we approach 2018, we will be using the report's findings to frame our engagements with key stakeholders.