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Address :
Unit 3 Woodgrove Farm, Fulbrook, Burford,
OX18 4BH,
United Kingdom
Telephone :
07783 122 985
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Description :
Nye was founded in 2018 by NHS Clinicians with a deep sense of wanting to do the right thing.

We recognised that for people to live long, healthy, happy lives, we had to make engaging in healthcare simpler. We started by asking how we could use technology to transform healthcare and deliver the biggest impact to the quality and longevity of people's lives at scale. Nye’s platform combines real-world data sources - including NHS electronic medical records, patient-reported data and wearable technology - in a secure and compliant way. It enables data to be anonymised, analysed and acted upon to support any disease area, any drug and any device.\n

The possibilities are transformative: the ability to create truly personalised medicine, which adapts to an individual's changing circumstances. The ability to learn quickly whether drugs in development are going to succeed. The ability to change treatment rapidly and in near real-time, ensuring that people get the right treatment, in the right dose at the right time.

Nye provides the infrastructure that enables partners to deliver innovative patient-centred programmes to support the launch, market-shaping and commercialisation of new and existing treatments.