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Report: Life Sciences Strategy for Scotland: 2025 Vision

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A strategy to make Scotland the location of choice for Life Sciences businesses, researchers, healthcare professionals and investors whilst increasing the sector's contribution to Scotland's economic growth.

In 2011, the Scottish life sciences' strategy set out a bold vision in the face of a deep global depression.

The efforts that followed to focus on the areas with greatest impact to expand the role of the industry as a dynamic economic contributor have certainly delivered results.

In fact, since 2010 there's been a 29% growth in turnover and 24% growth in gross value added. Currently, turnover is in excess of £4.2 million with gross value added of about £2 billion.

Now, there is a new strategy for further growth, a vision for 2025. In order to exploit emerging global trends, four strategic themes and priorities have been developed by Life Sciences Scotland, the sector's leadership group, with active support from the life sciences community in Scotland.

These are:

  • Innovation and commercialisation
  • Sustainable production
  • Internationalism
  • Business environment


Source: Scottish Enterprise