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From Policy to Practice: Using Digital Health Technologies to Address Current NHS Challenges

Topic : Digital Health, News and Press Type : Report

The UK is well placed to be a Digital Health world leader, with a distinct set of capabilities and globally leading academic and clinical assets. 

However, there is a risk that we could lose our leading position as other countries continue to invest in infrastructure and develop processes to support and incentivise digital health care. 

In our latest report we have identified practical steps to support digital transformation. The publication sets out the system changes needed to better enable digital technologies to address the NHS’s most pressing challenges, with a focus on four key recommendations:

  1. Provide both the resource and political impetus to the MHRA to support the ambitious programme for Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) and ensure capacity to process digital health technologies.
  2. NHS data should be curated and made accessible to innovators in a secure, agile and timely manner. Governance and commercial terms for access need to ensure the UK is a globally competitive location for innovation.
  3. Develop an ambitious assessment programme for digital health solutions that supports clinical need, availability and choice.
  4. Develop specific payment pathways that recognise the value that digital technologies can deliver in terms of early intervention, health prevention, and population level public health.

Delving into the Digital Health opportunity, with case studies from members, the report also examines the barriers that are currently in place, and that need be overcome, to help realise the benefits of Digital Health Technologies for patients, clinicians, health system and the economy.

Access the report below.