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Northern Ireland Assembly Elections: HealthTech's Manifesto

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Since the last Northern Ireland Assembly elections, it is fair to say the world is a very different place. The United Kingdom has left the European Union and nowhere has that been more keenly felt than in Northern Ireland. The pandemic pushed already stretched health and care services to the limit and pressures on global supply chains have caused us to question the resilience and sustainability of our own.

Alongside these challenges there are opportunities to reset our approach to innovation and how it can support both the work we need to do in the immediate turn and ensure our health security and prosperity for the future.

HealthTech has a central role to play, from its part in rapidly delivering on the promise of “digital,” earlier and more accurate diagnosis, innovations that can treat patients more rapidly with reduced length of stay and in different settings, to established HealthTech continuing to deliver high quality, cost effective care for thousands of HSC patients every day.

This Manifesto lays out four small ideas, which, taken together, can make a big contribution to helping the HSC address its immediate challenges, and support Northern Ireland to develop and expand an important, innovation driven industrial sector that is capable of thriving in the global marketplace.

Download the manifesto here: