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ABHI Cardiovascular Health Check Report

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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is second only to cancer as the UK’s biggest killer, claiming the lives of around 160,000 of our fellow citizens every year. It is responsible for 1 in 4 premature deaths, and an estimated 7.6m people currently live with heart and circulatory diseases in the UK - a figure which continues to grow.

In England alone, CVD-related healthcare costs £7.4 billion per year, with the annual costs to the wider economy estimated at £15.8 billion. Yet despite this, there is no national strategy for improving outcomes in CVD.

This report from ABHI Cardiovascular serves as a ‘Health Check’, shining a light on CVD treatment and, crucially, how the uptake of HealthTech can provide solutions and benefits across the whole pathway of care. Divided into six challenges; Workforce, awareness of patients and clinicians, detection and diagnosis, NHS capacity and recovery, patient pathways, technology assessment and implementation, the report spotlights different areas and proposes specific changes, with four overarching recommendations:


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The ABHI Cardiovascular Group sits within the Association of British HealthTech Industries, the UK’s leading industry association for health technology (HealthTech). ABHI's member groups set the strategic direction of the HealthTech industry and are member-led networks that provide expertise, guidance and the sharing for best practice. ABHI Cardiovascular brings together the various working groups that relate to the cardiovascular system. The group is intended to bring a high-level view of the impact of cardiovascular challenges to the NHS and more widely to the UK population in terms of welfare spending and the impact on the overall economy.