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Health Secretary Publishes Tech Vision

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, has today published his "tech vision" for the NHS. The proposals include a modern technology architecture that uses the best technology available and highlights the opportunity for the UK to lead the world on HealthTech. More information can be found here.

The Secretary of State's commitment to technology is welcome; NHS IT infrastructure and data management are in need of improvement. The proposed national open standards for data, interoperability, cyber security and real-data access could open up significant opportunities for industry. However, to enable these much-needed digital services and innovations, they must be supported by the appropriate regulatory framework. Trust
and reassurance must also be built with the public to ensure the safe use of sensitive health data.

To address this rapidly changing digital environment, we are engaging with Government and other relevant bodies on a range of topics, including:

•    Consent and permission in the data sharing process
•    Regulation of technology and data
•    Partnership and Co-creation
•    Global process and technologies to anonymise, secure and share data.

ABHI’s involvement in digital discussions is increasing, both in terms of policy and activity. As such, we will be establishing a Digital Technology group within ABHI. If you are interested in providing input to our strategy, please contact me. We would welcome expression of interest for joining the group by 31st October.