ABHI Membership

ABHI at 30 Guest Blogs. Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence For The HealthTech Industry

The anniversary is a perfect opportunity to reflect on what NICE and ABHI have achieved together to advance health technology in the NHS, ensure it is part of the life sciences landscape and, most importantly, highlight the difference health technology can make to people’s lives.

The ABHI is a highly valued partner of NICE and has had a leading part in our own health technology story. In 2009, when we first started to explore separate, bespoke evaluation for health technology and diagnostics, the ABHI was there with us, alongside colleagues from BIVDA, helping to forge these new programmes. The association provided a vital link to industry that ensured these new areas of work could identify and evaluate innovative medical devices and diagnostics; bringing clear patient benefits and offering the NHS the best value for money.

From supporting our technology appraisals on implantable cardiac devices to engaging with the development of Medtech innovation briefings, the ABHI has been a trusted and, when needed, critical friend of NICE, giving valuable insight and expertise to help us develop effective advice and guidance for the NHS.

As a core stakeholder, the association has always maintained good links with us through regular meetings to discuss innovation policy and how NICE and others can improve market access for their members. They have also provided speakers at our annual conference, joining senior NICE leaders on the main stage and in panel discussions. Over the years we have enjoyed a very constructive relationship and that has been to our mutual benefit.

Looking ahead, the ABHI will continue to have a key role in the work of NICE. They have been working closely with us on our new medical technology horizon scanning tool, HealthTech Connect and we are confident we will collaborate constructively as wide scale changes to UK life sciences are realised and rolled out. 

As the UK begins to implement these changes, and the NHS gets to grip with the pace of innovation and the opportunities and challenges that presents, we know the ABHI will be there, leading the way for its members and the health technology sector, and that it will continue to be a valued and trusted friend of NICE. Here’s to the next ten years and many more.

Sir Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence