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ABHI Member Opportunity: GP Portfolio Plus

"General Practice is in crisis. The current workload is already too high and is climbing, and the stress arising from this is causing the workforce numbers to move in the opposite direction. This situation is unsustainable if we are to preserve any semblance of the profession as we currently know it.

As a result, Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee has launched its 'GP Portfolio Plus' scheme, which aims to help local GPs enjoy a better working life and hence improve GP retention.

Many of our GPs wanting to leave the profession can be persuaded to remain, albeit it to a lesser extent, if they have other part-time job roles, creating a ‘portfolio career’, which is both more interesting and less stressful for them. This is where ABHI Members come in. 

GPs have an enviable transferable skillset, from excellent interpersonal skills to detailed medical knowledge; not only would ABHI's Members benefit from gaining a highly-trained medical professional therefore, but they would also be helping to keep the GPs they employ in the primary care workforce when they might otherwise have left it completely."

Read more information on the GP Portfolio Plus scheme here

Dr Adam Harrison, Vice Chair of Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee and Portfolio GP