CMEF 2025

8 - 11 April 2025 - Shanghai, China

CMEF is the largest HealthTech expo in China, attracting over 300,000 visitors and exhibitors each year.

ABHI is once again delighted to be back at CMEF, and due to increasing demand, we will continue to grow the size of our UK Pavilion for the 2025 show.

This dedicated space provides unparalleled visibility for UK companies, providing the chance to forge new business connections within one of the world's most dynamic markets.

The ABHI - CMEF Exhibition Packages includes:

  • The opportunity for UK HealthTech companies, and healthcare service providers, to showcase their latest innovation in the Chinese life sciences and healthcare market.
  • The chance to explore trade and investment collaboration opportunities with Chinese counterparts.
  • A high-quality stand package (including power, light and furniture), as well as stand cleaning.
  • A UK branded pavilion to stand out from other international counterparts.
  • Assistance with travel and shipping arrangements.
  • In-show events to add value to your attendance.

Opportunities for UK businesses

As the world's most populated country, there are significant opportunities for UK companies to meet China's increasing needs, and specific subsectors with high market potential include IVDs, imaging, wound care, high value consumables (cardiovascular, orthopaedics, ophthalmology), rehabilitation and medical robotics.

This, in the context of a post-COVID landscape, has led to strong demand for mid-high end HealthTech, and more broadly, China's changing demographic has seen not only an increase in the average age and wealth of its citizens, but higher demand for healthcare services. A number of preferential policies have now been put in place to attract overseas brands to meet such needs.


To guarantee your place within the ABHI UK Pavilion, contact  


CMEF was a successful show, with many companies bringing their latest products and expertise to the exhibition. It really showed the diversity and advancement of the medical industry in China."

Bao Di, Brand Development Manager at IDC