Diabetes Care Conference

Venue: London.

Start: Thursday 27 Jun 2024 11:30

End: Thursday 27 Jun 2024 16:45

The PPP Diabetes Care Programme 2024 will seek to break down professional silos by convening a diverse stakeholder group to analyse and influence what better integration and collaboration can look like across the diabetes patient pathway.

Following on from a series of four roundtables in early 2024 focusing on challenges and opportunities for addressing the growing number of under 40-year-olds diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the link to obesity, the conference will serve as the launch of our flagship report.

The PPP Diabetes Care Conference 2024 will provide an invaluable opportunity for our delegates and speakers to engage in a dynamic dialogue to deep dive into evidence-approved medicines for type 2 diabetics, how we can go further for reducing inequalities and outcomes and how we can overcome barriers to adoption and the role of clinical pathways.

Delegates we intend to have involved in the PPP Diabetes Care Programme 2024, for the round tables and the conference include:

  • Inequalities Leads 
  • Commissioners 
  • Clinicians and Clinical Directors 
  • Diabetes Leads 
  • ICS senior managers 
  • Primary Care and Community Leads – GP’s, PN’s & Diabetes Nurses 
  • Dietitians, podiatrist, care homes and other professions 
  • Public Health Leads 
  • Transformation Leads 
  • Hospital Leads – cardiologists, endocrinologists, renal 
  • Pathway Leads 
  • Pharmacists – NPA/Community, Clinical and Chief Pharmacists  
  • Finance Managers 
  • Population Health Leads 
  • Key diabetes organisations, charities and patient groups 

This will be a half-day conference made up of keynote, panel and case study sessions, with audience Q&A including networking breaks and a reception with refreshments provided.