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ABHI Strengthen Ties with AdvaMed

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ABHI has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with AdvaMed, the leading US medical technology Association, to facilitate collaboration between our respective organisations. A copy of the MOU can be read here.

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the alignment of our work on global trade, regulation, technology adoption and ethics. As a result of this, we intend to enhance outcomes for patients, the efficiency of our health services and the success of our domestic and global industry partnerships. 

Formal negotiations on the UK-US trade deal commenced this week, and ABHI is engaging with senior officials to ensure the industry's position is clearly understood. 

Comments on the announcement include: 

The UK is one of the world’s most influential health care markets in the areas of health policy, clinical practice and beyondThis MOU will see AdvaMed and ABHI cooperate and coordinate activities on matters of mutual interest, to advance patient care, improve public health and support the medical technology industry in our countries."
Scott Whitaker, President and CEO, AdvaMed

"It's terrific to see ABHI take this partnership to the next level. As a British SME, programmes that can broker opportunities to better understand, and do business with different global markets, are most welcome. This also compliments the great work ABHI has led through its US Accelerator."  
Phil Kennedy, Chair, ABHI 

"It is fitting that in the week that UK-US trade talks kick-off, ABHI has signed this agreement. And as I reflect on the current global crisis, it is the continued need for international collaboration that is going to be so important. I commend ABHI on this MOU and look forward to supporting the work it leads to."
Jackie Fielding, Vice Chair, ABHI


Peter Ellingworth, CEO, ABHI & Scott Whitaker, President and CEO, AdvaMed.