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Brexit Health Alliance: Collective 'asks'

Topic : Brexit Type : Briefing

The Brexit Health Alliance has been established so that those who use health services, healthcare commissioners and providers, educators, researchers, the healthcare industry and those working to improve population health and wellbeing and to reduce inequalities in health can have a strong, collective, evidence-based voice as the formal process of leaving the EU gets underway.

This document outlines the alliance's five negotiation priorities the key areas negotiators must reach agreement on to achieve the best result for patients and healthcare across the UK:

1. Maximum levels of research and innovation collaboration

2. Regulatory alignment for the benefit of patients and population health

3. Preservation of reciprocal healthcare arrangements

4. Robust coordination mechanisms on public health and wellbeing

5. A strong funding commitment to the health and public health sectors


There is also a useful infographic to accompany this publication.

Source: NHS Confederation