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Vanguard Programmes in Calderdale and Wakefield

Topic : Transformation Type : Video

As part of a series of podcasts on establishing new models of care, Merran McRae, chief executive of Wakefield Council, talks about her experience of the vanguard programmes in Calderdale and Wakefield, and about what she's learned.

Fiona Russell from the Local Government Association spoke to Merran at the LGA Conference, asking her about successes from the vanguards she has worked on, the biggest challenges she has faced and opportunities for the future. 

In the podcast Merran shares her views on the importance of recognising how to use the whole workforce asset base across the vanguards, looking at how staff are deployed to maximise their impact. She also explains how the vanguard projects have allowed the NHS and local authorities to experiment and take risks that they would not ordinarily take.

Merran explains how new models of care are making a positive difference to the experience of patients, reducing the number of professionals involved in care, speeding up access to treatment pathways and empowering the individual. However, these are not perfect systems and Merran shares ideas for areas that could be improved, and her desire for a community of learning.

This series brings together NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioners, NHS Providers and local government leaders to explore new models of care, and how they will impact on health and social care economies.

Source: NHS Confed