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Presentation: Annual Malcolm Carlisle Memorial Lecture 2017

Topic : Regulation Type : Presentation

Malcolm Carlisle OBE (1947- 2011) will be remembered by many in the medical devices and related industries as having made an exceptional contribution to the legal and regulatory agenda over many years. To commemorate Malcolm's life and work ABHI, MedTech Europe (formerly Eucomed) and the European Justice Forum (EJF) launched a series of annual lectures in 2013. The recently delivered fourth Lecture in the series is, like its predecessors, of strategic relevance for the future of regulation.

Our speaker this year was Professor Christopher Hodges, Professor of Justice Systems at Oxford University and Fellow of Wolfson College, who has profoundly influenced government thinking on regulation and enforcement.

In his thought-provoking lecture, and lively Q&A session, Professor Hodges addressed fundamental and significant changes which are expected to take place in the next few years concerning the way in which all aspects of regulation are enforced across industry and society at large. He explained how the application of regulation must become more cooperative between regulator and regulated, as well as exploring how government, as part of this trend, will seek to recover the cost of regulation in fees.

If you are concerned about industry's relationship with government we suggest you watch Professor Hodges lecture, which was the first public presentation of these groundbreaking ideas on the future of regulatory practice in relation to the MedTech sector.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are those of Professor Hodges and do not necessarily represent the views of ABHI, EJF or MedTech Europe. 

You can watch the lecture here