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Discover New Zealand HealthTech in the UK

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New Zealand is no stranger to HealthTech innovation – from co-discovering the molecular structure of DNA to inventing the disposable syringe. Today, their HealthTech industry continues to lead the way, combining fresh thinking and solid research to bring trusted health technology solutions to the world.

Their large, well-established medical device companies are leading the way globally. Innovative digital health tools are improving patient outcomes around the world, and New Zealand is renowned for its biotech innovation – delivering ground-breaking solutions for everything from cancer diagnostics to soft-tissue regeneration. The Scientific American Worldview scorecard for biotech placed New Zealand fourth globally, and the country has the most life sciences PhD graduates per capita and two of the world’s top-100 life science and medicine universities on its shores.

Across the globe, New Zealand HealthTech is revolutionising healthcare – enabling more personalised health services, greater access, more informed decisions, and better overall health outcomes.

Whether you are looking to partner, work together or invest, you are now invited to discover New Zealand HealthTech in the UK.

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