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ABHI and Zinc Media Future of HealthTech: Huma

Topic : Type : Video

Huma began its journey in 2011 and since then, Huma has grown to become a global healthcare company.

In this film we hear from patient Matt and his experience of suffering from severe osteoarthritis in his knee. He explains how the Huma app has helped him stay connected with his consultant pre operation and during his journey to recovery. 

We also hear from Tim Parratt and Mahbub Alam who are both Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons from East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust. They explain how the Huma app has revolutionised the way they interact with their patients, accelerates research and ultimately gives a high level of care. 

Huma’s technology collects real-world patient data remotely. It connects patients and clinical teams, enabling greater access to care from any location and improves efficiency for clinicians.