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ABHI Welcomes Embassy of Denmark to the Membership

Topic : News and Press Type : Briefing

We are pleased to welcome the Embassy of Denmark into the ABHI. They become the first national Embassy to take up membership, and makes an important step in bringing our respective HealthTech, and wider business communities, closer together.

Much like our own Life Sciences Vision, Denmark has a strategy for life sciences, which is based on growing their the economy through innovation in health. With an indigenous market dominated by SMEs, nearly 25 percent of the nation’s entire exports are healthcare and life sciences related, a figure which is set to grow. 

Collaboration offers many opportunities for us both, as will the sharing of best practice between companies, researchers, clinicians and policy makers. 

Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen, Minister Counsellor - Special Advisor Health and Economic Diplomacy in Life Sciences, Embassy of Denmark said: "Denmark is a life sciences nation, and it is important that we elevate the critical role of HealthTech not just within the context of economic growth, and in our discussions with governments, but in re-shaping patient pathways and improving outcomes. The UK is a well respected and attractive market for companies, and our work with ABHI presents us with an opportunity to swap examples of HealthTech that has been adopted and scaled successfully within either market, so that we can learn from one another and drive excellence."

The Embassy of Denmark's joining is also timely as this month saw ABHI welcome a delegation of colleagues from the Nordic HealthTech Trade Associations to the UK. Our regular engagements allow us to discuss the issues impacting our respective members, with regulation and sustainability two key agenda items. 

The Embassy of Denmark's Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen ratifies ABHI membership with Peter Ellingworth.