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ABHI & Dundee MoU a Statement of HealthTech Intent

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The University of Dundee and the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) will work together to develop innovative healthcare technologies for the benefit of patients and health services across the world.

The two organisations will today sign a Memorandum of Understanding at the launch of ABHI Scotland. The new partnership will allow the University to support the ABHI industry network to develop and commercialise innovative healthcare technologies by tapping into its unique research expertise and innovation infrastructure.

ABHI is the leading UK industry association for health technology, which is a key component of the Growing the Tay Cities Biomedical Cluster project. Funded as part of the Tay Cities deal signed off last year, this component will see the establishment of a state-of-the-art collaborative environment where NHS partners, industry and researchers across the University can co-develop medical technology solutions that will improve the delivery of healthcare in Tayside and beyond.

Anne Muir, Head of IP and Commercialisation at Dundee, said, “This is a golden time to be working with the University across the Medical and Health technology cluster. We have invested significantly in our infrastructure and assets that can support industry throughout the product pipeline and help address challenges brought on by recent changes in regulatory frameworks.

“Whether it be early-stage research, prototype development or Health data analytics, the University is a prime partner in driving products to market. This is a statement of intent. Our strategy is to accelerate innovative solutions into the healthcare market – be it new surgical devices, digital clinical decision-making tools or disruptive technologies – we can help bring life changing technology into the hands of patients, clinicians and others who need it most.

“The Tay Cities investment strives to grow health technology in the Tayside region through partnership working with companies and industry bodies. ABHI can really help us achieve these goals.”

Dundee research and innovative solutions can support companies in core areas of prototype development, pathway innovation and data analytics. The expertise of the University’s Health Information Centre is invaluable to companies developing diagnostics and digital health solutions, while the broader clinical expertise and close working relationship with NHST of Dundee’s School of Medicine can support companies understand challenges in service delivery.

ABHI’s connections and experience will help the University bring its innovative research closer to patients and citizens and help it deliver a greater global impact.

HealthTech plays a key role in supporting delivery of healthcare and is a significant contributor to UK economic growth. HealthTech is the largest employer in the broader Life Sciences sector, employing 138,100 people in 4,140 companies across the UK, with a combined turnover of £27.6 billion. The industry has enjoyed growth of around 5% in recent years.

The decision to launch ABHI Scotland – a new initiative dedicated to helping the Scottish HealthTech community attract new investment and thrive globally – is a vote of confidence in Scotland’s growing HealthTech sector, according to its Chair, Mark Cook. 

He said, “Scotland has its own routes for HealthTech adoption by the NHS here, alongside distinct attributes that can support the development and diffusion of technologies. Scotland’s integrated approach to data, combined with its world-class university and research sector, provides a compelling offer for both export and inward investment.

“ABHI Scotland is a natural next step to build on our work here in Scotland and help us work ever closer with the huge variety of teams developing and supplying everything from camera pills, diagnostic tests and artificial hands to techniques that kill tumours from within for patients here and across the globe.

ABHI Chief Executive, Peter Ellingworth, says the creation of ABHI Scotland represents a natural progression of the organisation’s work in Scotland:

ABHI is already the leading trade association for Scottish HealthTech businesses with knowledge of Scotland’s healthcare landscape and deep connections with the NHS and Scottish and UK Governments, which has allowed us to bring the voice of HealthTech innovators and suppliers to inform both health and economic policies.

“The creation of ABHI Scotland will allow us to concentrate on continuing to raise awareness of our sector, offer something more to our members in Scotland and help fill a gap for companies in Scotland who felt we weren’t previously for them.”

ABHI’s Chief Executive, Peter Ellingworth and Anne Muir, Head of IP and Commercialisation at the University of Dundee, sign the MoU agreement.